Thursday, January 17, 2013


Projectorhead Film Magazine, an online journal I publish, and which is edited by friend/colleague Sudarshan Ramani and whose pages are filled by a number of writers I respect very much, has just issued its eighth edition. The index for Projectorhead: Eight reads something like this:

  • All Things Come to He Who Waits - Sudarshan Ramani (Editorial)
  • An Era of Soft Economics – Gautam Valluri
  • The Wandering Company – Hamanpreet Kaur
  • The Sinister Chandelier – Anuj Malhotra
  • Wes Anderson's Kingdom - Sudarshan Ramani
  • The Real RockNRolla – Satish Naidu
  • The Magical Cabinet of Suarteh Yrboq – Rahee Punyashloka

2012 MAMI – 14th Annual Film Festival
  • Top of the Heap : A Look Back at the 14th Annual Mumbai Film Festival
  • Interview with Ian Birnie - Sudarshan Ramani
  • Film Restoration in Indian and Global Contexts

  • Lost in Translation: Trials and Tribulations of the Academy Award’s Best Foreign Film CategorySoham Gadre
  • Book Review – Zona / Anamaria Dobinciuc 
  • General Review: Independent Titles, Special Screenings and Film Festivals, Screen Diary by  Rahee Punyashloka, Theatrical Releases

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